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Tips and Tricks

1) Embedded Code for cell colouring (conditional formatting)

2) Create a reusable report template

3) Show Percentages on Pie Charts

4) Useful formatting codes

5) T-SQL ISNULL function equivalent

6) Show tick/cross box instead of True/False or 1/0

7) Link Postcode or Address to Google Maps

8) Handling Divide by Zero Errors

9) Access Word and Excel files from Report Manager

10) Table style Matrix

11) Parameter to control column visibility

12) Function to convert minutes to hh:mm

13) Formatting Matrix Subtotals cells

14) Alternating row colours in a table

15) Have text on Multiple lines in a textbox

16) Define a Report Constant

17) Display a message when the report resultset is empty

18) Create a Drill-down Pie Chart

19) Create a Matrix with fixed rows (Column grouping only)

20) Setting parameters default value issue

21) Stripping the time off a Datetime field (SQL)

22) Create a drill-down table

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